3 Steps for Developing a Winning Organizational Strategy

Like most small business owners, I wore many different hats when I first started my business. I was responsible for generating sales, keeping up with the books, and a number of other tasks. As my business grew and I started to reach my capacity for getting my work done, I started hiring employees to help me. To my surprise, although I had the extra help, I had a difficult time organizing the employees and the workflow in what I considered to be an efficient manner. That is, until I learned how to develop an organizational strategy.

An organizational strategy is essential for a growing business, and it is designed to help your business reach its growth objectives. Yet nearly every business I know that is going through this phase of business development seems to struggle with developing an organizational strategy.

Here are the following steps I took that helped me get the work we were doing done on time, efficiently, and eventually without my direct supervision.

3 Steps for Developing a Winning Organizational Strategy

1. Write your Company Strategic Vision. If you haven’t done so now is the time. Your strategic vision is what you want your business to become in the next several years. It guides all of your major decisions, and it defines the current and future work that needs to be done.

2. Define your required business systems. This is your master list of all the work that is performed within your business. Business Systems define how the work is produced, and what type of results they will produce. All of the work you perform in your business should have a defined system that you (or your employees) can follow to produce predictable results in all areas of your business. When finished, you should have a list of all the work that is currently being performed in your business.

3. Create an Organizational Chart. An organizational chart is a graphical representation of your business laid out by department and position, including future positions as defined in your Company Strategic Vision.

Creating an Organizational Chart allows you to take all of the work you defined in your business systems and then organize them into the actual positions that can work together in an efficient manner.

One of the greatest benefits of developing your organizational chart is it shows you how your future business will be structured, while allowing you to clearly see what needs to be worked on in the present to get you there.

Developing a clear organizational strategy is an important step in building your business foundation, a foundation that is important if you plan to grow your business. Developing my organizational structure forever changed the way I looked at my business. If you are willing to spend the time it takes to develop your organizational strategy you are on your way to gaining control and freeing yourself from your business.


Daryl Murrow

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