Beware Of Excuse Habits

Last Monday a friend of mine asked why he did not receive my weekly article that I that I send out each week. At first I was flattered, because this guy actually reads these weekly articles. Nice! However, this feeling quickly turned into embarrassment.

Why didn’t I write my blog article last week? Although I made a commitment at the beginning of the year to write and post articles every week, it didn’t happen. Fortunately I was called out on this before it turned into a full blown Excuse Habit.


An Excuse Habit can form anytime you make an excuse and then overtime it becomes an excuse that you use all the time. If an excuse works for you once, then it is really easy to work for you again.

The truth is, I didn’t write last week’s article because I suffered from writers block and couldn’t think of anything I wanted to write about. So instead of writing the article, I decided to work on my kitchen remodel instead.

What’s the harm?” I asked myself, nobody is probably going to read this article anyways. In that very moment I made an excuse, and excuse that could have easily formed into a habit had I not been called out on it.


The only way to prevent Excuse Habits from forming is by not allowing the excuse to be used in the first place. If my article is due and it is not finished, guess what, it goes out anyways! Now this might put me in a very embarrassing situation, but it were embarrassing enough I would like to think I would never allow it to happen again.

There are many things I could have done to overcome my writer’s block to get my article finished on time. Because I chose to do nothing which allowed me to create an excuse.


If Excuse Habits are allowed to form, they can prevent you from achieving your goals. They create a distorted justification that allows you to break promises with others, and with yourself.

It is hard to estimate the damage that an Excuse Habit can amount to over time, but imagine what these can do to your business, job, and friendships?


I am grateful this friend of mine inquired about my article last week. His simple question forced me to confront the excuse I had made for myself, and helped me refocus before it turned into a full blown Excuse Habit.

Have you allowed any excuses to turn into Excuse Habits? Anything that has slipped by without your awareness that you should refocus on? Something to think about for sure. Some of your goals, dreams, or even your credibility might be at stake.


Daryl Murrow

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