Celebrating Your Accomplishments

We’ve all experienced times when we have been overly critical of ourselves. Maybe we were not making the progress we had hoped for, didn’t achieve the results we were after, or things just didn’t turn out expected. No matter what the cause, the result is we ended up feeling frustrated or even angry at ourselves.

Often these feelings of frustration are followed by some type of verbal beat down we inflict on ourselves. Like hitting ourselves with an imaginary stick, this form of mental punishment for making these “mistakes” will only cause us more harm than good.

A quick way to counter these types of thoughts is by remembering to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

  1. You Have Accomplished Far More Than You Give Yourself Credit For – Because we are so focused on what we are currently working on now, we often tend to forget about all the progress we made up until this point. We tend to minimize or forget all of the wonderful things we have done.  You have accomplished far more than you will most likely ever remember.
  2. Your Past Does Not Dictate Your Future – No matter what has happened to you in the past, it does not dictate your future. History is filled with stories of individuals who have overcome tremendous obstacles and went on to achieve great things. Just because something hasn’t worked out it doesn’t mean it never will.
  3. Maybe You’re Supposed to Be Where You Currently Are – Who knows, maybe there is some type of life lesson you are supposed to be getting that you haven’t learned yet. Maybe something hasn’t worked out because another opportunity is right around the corner waiting for you.

If you find yourself getting discouraged and giving yourself a verbal beat down, I hope you can pause long enough to reflect on all of the things you have accomplished up to now. Not to mention all the achievements and accomplishments yet to come. It’s time to put down that stick, and celebrate your accomplishments.  Give yourself some credit where credit is due!


Daryl Murrow

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