Don’t Lose Sight of Your Vision

During this past week I had a chance to work with a couple of business owners who shared something in common; they both lacked a clear vision for what they wanted their business to become sometime in the future.

When I asked them why, their replies were “I’ve been too busy working to define my vision” and “I just can’t decide what I want my business to become.”  Although their answers are common, not having a defined business vision can hurt you as your business grows.

Your Vision Is Your Target

A clearly defined vision provides a target, or a destination for your business to reach at some point in the future.   Can you imagine trying to hit a target you cannot see?

Last year I wrote an article titled “Making This Your Best Year Ever.”   Inspired by memories of my 1975 Camaro, I wrote about the similarities between planning a cross country road trip and achieving your business vision.  Sure you can easily take off on a road trip without having a planned destination in mind, but you might not like where you end up.

Your Vision Helps You Focus and Spot Opportunities

When your vision is crystal clear and you focus on it continuously, it becomes easier to spot opportunities that can actually help you reach your vision faster.

I see this happen over and over again.  Without a clear vision, your focus is on the day to day routine.  Opportunities may be all around you but they’re missed because you are so caught up working in your business.  The minute you create your vision and begin taking deliberate action toward its attainment, you are opening yourself up for spotting opportunities.

Your Vision Unites You and Your Team

Another advantage to having a clearly defined vision is that it can unite and spread excitement among your employees.  It can get everybody on the same page.  Have you ever experienced working for a business that doesn’t seem to have any clear direction of where it is going?  Not only is it confusing but it can also be demoralizing.

Employees want to know they are making a contribution, and that their work is providing some type of value.  Sharing your vision with them let’s them know where they fit into the grand scheme of things.  It allows everyone to work and move the business forward together.

Your Ultimate Business Vision

If you have not taken the time to draft a vision for your business I encourage you to do so.  I also encourage you to think about what your Ultimate Business would look like.  Your Ultimate Business Vision is your business that has become ideal in every way.  Ideal employees, ideal customers, ideal products and services and ideal revenues and profitability.

If you create a vision out of limited thinking, you will have a vision that is limited.  To help you clarify and brainstorm, you can download the Ultimate Business Vision Worksheet.

It’s Your Vision

Where you want to go with your business is up to you.  You can enjoy business as usual and see where it leads you, or you can set a clear target and begin working towards hitting it.  You are ultimately responsible for creating your vision.  It belongs to you, so why not create one that is exciting and fulfilling.


Daryl Murrow

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