Eliminating Your Frustrations

Nobody likes to be frustrated, and especially when it comes to business.  Being frustrated uses up a lot of mental energy, and distracts us from working on the things that can help us make progress and move us forward.

Instead of simply trying to get past the frustration to get it out of our way, if we pay enough attention and attempt to determine its root cause, we can then come up with a solution to eliminate the frustration once and for all.

In most cases, a frustration with your business comes from not having a specific routine or system in place that prevents the frustration from happening in the first place.  For example, if you get frustrated because you are always running out of critical supplies or parts (at the worst possible time), then the root cause of this frustration is that you do not have a system in place to “guarantee you always have sufficient supplies on hand.”  Once you understand what is missing, you can start taking the proper steps to put something in place to fix it.

Years ago, we used to receive inventory shipments into our store twice per week.  Whenever I would walk into the back storeroom on one of these days, I would get frustrated from seeing a large stack of empty boxes piled up and blocking the walkway.  My employees were fast and efficient at receiving in the merchandise, installing price tags, and filing the products to the sales floor, but for some reason they would never cut down the boxes afterwards and take them to the recycling bin.

One day it finally occurred to me that the reason I was dealing with this frustration is because I never defined a specific system for making sure these boxes were properly disposed of.  My employees were told to perform this step.  Once I understood this the solution was simple.

I added one more line item on the inventory receiving checklist “cut down and throw boxes into the recycling bin.”  I purchased a new razor knife and created a place to store it at the receiving station.  I then informed all of the employees of the new changes.  The Result – the boxes were always cut down and taken to the recycling bin, and I never had to worry about tripping over them ever again.

Sometimes finding a solution to a frustration can be a very simple process, as it was in this example.  The next time you are frustrated in your business, stop and try to identify which system you might be missing.  You might be surprised at the possible solution.  Eliminating frustrations can be a very satisfying experience.

May your business be Fun, Rewarding, and Profitable!

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