Greatness Is Based On Routine

“I realized that professionals do things on a schedule, and amateurs do things when it’s easy for them or when they feel inspired or motivated to do it.”
– James Cleary


This week I had the opportunity to watch Mark Eggen, the owner of the Hop Jacks restaurant chain deliver a presentation to a class of entrepreneurs. I am impressed with his accomplishments over the past few years, and paid close attention to the words he spoke. When talking about the philosophy and culture of his company, he mentioned one simple yet profound phrase that really resonated with me; “greatness is based on routine.”

Routines Prevent Things From Falling Through The Cracks

I used to think of the word “routine” as boring and uninteresting. However, this all changed when I experienced the demands of a growing business. The business growth brought a lot of extra pressure and an increased workload. My capacity felt maxed out but the work was never finished.

Not only was I feeling buried all the time, but things eventually started falling through the cracks. Crucial supplies were not ordered on time, a customer order would get missed, or the wrong item ordered. I started spending more of my time each day just dealing with these types of issues, until I learned the importance of creating routines.

What’s Frustrating You?

The easiest way to discover if you are missing a needed routine in your business or in your personal life is to make a list of your current frustrations. Frustrations are often clues to things that might be falling through the cracks because of a missing routine.

Are things getting missed, overlooked, being done half hazard or just plain forgotten? Do you ever feel like you were busily running around all day long but little was accomplished?

When I realized the power of routines, I started making an effort to apply them into my life and business. I defined how my tasks were to be done, and then made sure to schedule the time each week for their accomplishment. Once these routines were set up, nothing else would be scheduled during that time.

Sample tasks from weekly routine

• 7:30am Monday – Project my weekly cash flow & reconcile bank balance
• 9-11am Tuesdays – Purchasing new merchandise
• 11am Thursdays – Paying Bills
• 2-3pm Fridays – Perform Supplies inventory

I can’t tell you how many business owners I run into that have performed jobs for customers yet are behind at invoicing them. Even with something as important as billing their customers, they have failed to establish a routine to make sure their billing gets done.

Routines Give You Freedom

Establishing routines helped me calm the chaos and dysfunction that surrounded me in my business. Each new routine I established meant I had one less frustration to deal with. Eventually, I was able to spend the majority of my days working on opportunities instead of dealing with problems.

What I find to be the most challenging part to establishing routines is setting them up in the first place. Taking the time to carefully plan them out and place them on your weekly timeline is often viewed as a low priority activity. However, the effort you put into establishing our routines is well worth the results and peace of mind you will experience because of them.

In my experience creating even just one simple routine and getting it scheduled into each week can save you a lot of time and extra stress. I hope you can find one thing that is frustrating you and eliminate it by creating a new routine.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

To your SUCCESS,

Daryl Murrow

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