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Solutions to every day business frustrations!

Do you remember why you started your business?
If you’re like most people, you started your business so you could do things your way, make unlimited money, set your own hours, etc. 
So… how’s that working for you?

This is the million dollar question that must be explored if you want to cut through the clutter of “status quo” marketing and create a rocket ship that can launch sales and grow revenue.

As a former Marketing Executive for NASA who has worked with industry leaders including The Ritz-Carlton, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and ABC-TV, I know what it takes to attract attention from your ideal, perfect people and convert it into measurable results and sales.


Together we will break down success barriers and create a proven framework for achieving sales and marketing results in less time.


I will shift your thinking, empower your team, and energize your company to new levels of marketing success with a presentation customized to fit your unique goals and desired outcomes.

Through my candid, concise, and fluff-free approach, you will understand how to:

  • design a world class marketing & sales development process

  • create memorable offline and online experiences for buyers

  • automate menial marketing activities

Ready to launch your next marketing campaign to new heights? Let’s Go for Launch!

Receive unemployment benefits while training how to start your business!

The Get Launched Now training program meets the guidelines of the WA State Self-Employment Assistance Program by providing you with:

Entrepreneurial Training

Business Counseling

Technical Assistance


45 Minute Business Breakthroughs

how i uncover $50,000 in 45 minutes...guaranteed

In This Book Daryl reveals strategies for how you can triple your current number leads, double your sales, and increase your annual revenue by $50,000 or more…and without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.. Guaranteed!


Gaining the Systems Advantage

Strategies to Eliminate Stress, Work Fewer Hours, and Be More profitable in your business!

Download my free book and learn how to gain control of your business As your business grows so does the amount of time demanded from you. Unless you have systems in place, you can quickly become a prisoner of your own business. 


In Gaining the Systems Advantage, I reveal the EXACT strategies that enabled him to reduce his time from 65 hours to working less then 10 hours per week.   


Ready to start a new business?

Now you can quickly Plan and Start your new business with confidence!

Now is a great time to start a business! In Get Launched Now, Daryl leads you step by step through the process of starting your new business as quickly as possible. Don’t let fear stop you from starting your dream business. The world awaits your brilliance.


I have good news I received insurance bond and license last week and registered with labor and industries this morning so I am proud to announce that DUNCUSTOM HOME FINISH is officially a business. Thank you so much for your training course . without your course I probably would not have had the courage to make this dream come true. I also have other good news as I have been able to line up about 3 months of work for myself so far . Thanks again for your help!
Joseph Duncan
Duncustom Home Finish
"I have helped a lot of businesses set up financially, and I can advise them on taxes and setting up accounts , but I really didn't have the whole picture when it came to setting up a business. I was scattered. Taking this class helped me pull it all together and gave me a logical sequence to follow. "
Brooke Witt
"Before taking the training, I did not know how to start a business, or what to do. It was a big help to learn about my own capabilities. I was limited in what I could do, and you helped open up a broad field of different avenues I didn't know existed out there. It helped me immensely, I would recommend it to others."
Alfred J Fournier
Ornamental Blacksmithing
I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the Start-up class and how much I got out of it. I can't say enough about you as a teacher and presenter -- as I explained to everyone who asked, any guy who can make cash flow analysis interesting has a gift! 🙂 In all seriousness, your enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious and you made the material accessible and non-scary, which is saying a lot. The coursework was a lot more in depth than I was expecting, and I was impressed with the amount of material covered. I feel very prepared to face my new business head on.
Kristin Donovan
"This class really has changed my perspective on the amount of control I have over my career-destiny!"
Carrie Anderson
"I have little experience in business since I have worked for someone my entire life. After taking this class, I have a good foundation now. I really need to share with you a great big thank you. Your teaching was very good."
Edith King
“I want to thank you again for your classes, they were very informative and on track. After having a business for over 20 years then taking a break I could see my mistakes that I made and will learn from them.”
John Wollam
Stor-Guard LLC
"I took this class to get the skill set necessary to get myself in business. Even though I have a great deal of knowledge of the processes and steps, I didn't know how to put it all together. This class was very good in its ability to prioritize and give me the necessary steps in the proper order. I have already recommended this class to others."​
Michael Ervin
Canopy Crane
"Everybody that plans on going into business has their own idea of how they are going to do this. There are a lot of holes in everybody's business ideas. Most people do not take into account everything they need to do to get started. By taking this class and building a business plan, I have created the foundation of what my business will become."
John Towers
Yelm Towing

who is Daryl Murrow?

Daryl Murrow is an Author, Speaker, and Business Growth Strategist who helps business owners launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

He  developed a passion for entrepreneurship upon leaving the US Air Force in 1989, and started his first business in 1990 at the age of 25.  He has experience with starting, growing, purchasing, and selling businesses. 

In 2008, he started Murrow Group, LLC to provide coaching and consulting services to business owners.  In 2009 he became an approved SEAP training provider with Washington State Employment Security, and has trained hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs who have gone through this course. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my website and I hope you enjoy the Get Launched Now Training Program.

May your business be fun, rewarding, and extremely profitable!

Murrow Group, LLC, 420 Golf Club Road SE, #105, Lacey, WA 98503 | Contact: | 360-768-0725

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