Meet The Murrow Method

Honed over 30 years of entrepreneurship and coaching, Coach D-Mac’s Murrow Method is the answer for business owners who don’t have time to earn an MBA but know their business could be running more smoothly and earning more money. This 5-piece framework addresses every angle of your life as a business owner and the operation you oversee. Ideal for businesses with 3 to 50 employees, this framework is designed to serve industries of all kinds – service, manufacturing, marketing, and beyond!

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The Framework

Leadership evaluation & development. First, we identify your greatest pain points as a business owner. We audit how you spend your time. We coach you through taking responsibility and begin to shift your mindset from a person who does the work to a person who runs their business.

Numbers. We look at where you are and where you want to be in terms of cashflow and profit.

Direction building. We articulate your values, your vision, and your mission.

Systems development. We evaluate and articulate the work that must be done to keep the promise you make to your clients and customers, then we document the best ways to get that work done.

Implementation. We give you the skills and the tools you need to keep your new systems – and the people who keep them going – functioning smoothly.

The Approach

Let’s be clear. The Murrow Method is designed for business owners who are ready to commit several hours a week to the growth and success of their business. Here’s how the Murrow Method supports your journey.

Onboarding & Orientation. After their free 50-minute discovery call and official enrollment, each new participant is welcomed with an instruction video and access to the Murrow Method’s proprietary worksheets.

The Book Each new enrollee receives a copy of Gaining the Systems Advantage, Coach D-Mac’s guide to implementing the Murrow Method. You can read the whole thing at once, or reference the chapters prescribed as the course unfolds.

Worksheets Coach D-Mac’s proprietary spreadsheets, worksheets, and process maps will help you understand and optimize the compartments of your business, including operational systems and cashflow.

Group Work & Coaching As a participant in the program, you’ll have access to Coach D-Mac and fellow business owners during dedicated virtual meetups multiple times a week. Participants are invited to ask questions, brainstorm, troubleshoot, collaborate, or use the time to get program work done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners who commit about 3 hours per week finish the program in about 12 months.

You may cancel your enrollment at any time with 30 days of notice.