Imagine If You Could Not Fail

What might your life be like if it was impossible for you to fail? What if it were possible to achieve everything you ever set out to do, and to know everything you ever wanted to do was actually possible?

If it were impossible for you to fail, do you think your life would be same as it is now? Would you still have the same job, live in the same house, reside in the same city, or drive the same car?

If it were impossible for you to fail, what new things might you start doing? Would you start a new career, learn to paint, start playing an instrument, go back to school, start traveling around the world, or ask that special someone out on a date?

If it were impossible for you to fail, would you let people know the real you? Would you be vulnerable, authentic, and unafraid to share your unique gifts with the world?

Yes, if it were impossible to fail, a lot of things might be different. So, who is it that that decides if it is possible to fail?

Dream big, and never let another person’s opinion or any excuse give you a reason to fail.

To Your Success,

Daryl Murrow

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