Staying the Course

At the beginning of this year I shared an article titled “Making This Your Best Year Ever.”   Inspired by memories of my 1975 Camaro, I wrote about the similarities between planning a cross country road trip and achieving business goals.

With a clear destination in mind, one can chart a course and identify the milestones along the way.  As long as we stay the course it’s only a matter of time before reaching our destination.

However, with the first half of the year nearly over, it might be time to refocus our attention.  Are you still on course?  Will you still arrive at your destination as planned?  If not, here are a few ideas that might help you get back on course.

  1. Re-affirm your destination. – At the beginning of the year you planned your trip defining the destination you wanted to reach at the end of the year. Is this where you still want to go?  How committed are you to getting there?
  1. Assess Where You Currently Are – Where are you currently at and how far are you from your destination? Are you still cruising down the highway, or did you take some unexpected detour somewhere?  Are you moving forward or spinning your wheels?
  1. Get Back On the Road Again– If you did take a detour It’s time to get back on the road again. What steps do you still need to take to reach your destination?  If you are unsure of some of the steps required, try using the Merlin Principle.
  1. Track Your Progress – When do you review the progress you’re making towards your yearly goals? Daily, weekly, or monthly?  Perhaps you need a routine to make sure you are tracking your progress on a regular basis.

Keep Moving Forward

Hopefully you are still on track.  If not, fortunately there is still another half of year still to go.  Keep moving forward and stay the course, and continue to make this your best year ever!


Daryl Murrow

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