Stepping Outside The Box

Our mind likes to play tricks on us.  Whenever it detects something that causes us to feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, it often responds by creating plausible excuses we can use so we will feel comfortable again. Although actually designed to keep us safe, these excuses often become reasons we use to justify not accomplishing what we originally set out to do.

The Box of Familiarity

We all live inside our own box of familiarity, also known as our comfort zone.  Whenever we venture outside our box into unfamiliar territory we can begin to feel scared.  The further out we go, the more intense our fear can be.  Eventually, we begin to panic and then our mind does a masterful job at pushing us back into our box.

What Excuses are Stopping You?

Excuses can come in a lot of different varieties, and they are all aimed at keeping you in your box.  Here are some common ones.

  • ‘I am too old’
  • ‘It will take too much time’
  • ‘I really don’t like to travel’
  • ‘Customers might get mad at me’
  • ’My business might get too big’
  • ‘It’s too expensive’
  • ‘I don’t have anything to offer’

How Fear Cost Me $20K

Years ago I decided to list my CD store inventory to begin generating online sales.  I set up every step I needed have in place and then fear started creeping in.  My mind started filling my head with valid excuses that justified why I shouldn’t move forward.

When I finally did get started four months later, I immediately began generating sales of 5K per month.  My fear and the excuses I used ended up costing me a total of $20K in sales!

Recognize These Excuses For What They Are

How much are your excuses costing you?  What tricks has your mind been playing on you to prevent you from venturing too far outside your own box?

When taking on something new, and that twinge of fear starts creeping in, prepare yourself for the excuses that will surely be coming.   Recognize them for what they are, so you can continue stepping outside of the box.


Daryl Murrow

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