The Importance of Defining Rules for Your Business

Every board game comes with a set of rules. These rules provide instructions for how the game is to be played, so every player understands what they are supposed to do and what to expect. If there is a misunderstanding or a need for clarification, all one has to do is refer to the rules. Without rules, people make things up as they go along, and invent their own rules that are the most advantageous to them.

Your Business Is a Like a Game

If you think about it, your business is really no different than a game. A game that your employees have been invited to play along with you. As the creator of this game, you are the one who also gets to create the rules for how your game is played.

Employees are Not Mind Readers

Unlike a board game, however, most small business owners usually do not take the time to clearly define and print out their rules, which often leads to misunderstanding and confusion.
Your employees may think they are doing a good job following your rules, but they may not always be matching your expectations. I used to think I did a great job with the rules of my business, but I never had them clearly defined. In reality, what I was really doing was expecting my employees to read my mind.

It’s Common Sense

Employees should never be forced to have to read your mind. If you find yourself getting frustrated when certain things do not get done, or are done incorrectly, don’t expect your employees to use “common sense.” That was my favorite saying every time I blamed somebody for not doing something correctly. Instead, take another look at the rules you have created to see if they need to be updated or could use further clarification.

Spell It Out

What an eye opening experience it was to realize so much of the frustration I was experiencing I had actually caused myself, because I had not taken the time to clearly define, document, and train my employees on the rules of the game.

If I wanted to have clear expectations I realized I had to spell it out. I learned to define exactly what and how I wanted things done, and by what standards. I learned not to leave anything to chance, not even the smallest of details.

Employees cannot and should not ever have to read your mind. Since your business is your game that you created, it if is not being played to your satisfaction then you are most likely the one to blame, not your employees. If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps it is time to redefine the rules of your business. It can be one of the best things you ever do for your business.


Daryl Murrow

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