Here is My Gift to You!


The SYSTEMS ADVANTAGE Tool Kit™ is a complete set of tools to help you organize, manage, and transform your business into a Profitable Well-Oiled Machine that can operate effectively without you having to be there.


These tools are easy to understand and when implemented will help you eliminate stress, work fewer hours, and be more profitable in your business.

Victim and Ostrich


In a growing business, the owner often adopts a “personality type” that prevents them from moving forward and making real change in their business.  The Victim and Ostrich tool will help you identify if negative habits may be impacting your business.



Many business owners spend most of their time caught up in the day to day activities of their business, instead of spending time actually planning, preparing, and developing their business. The New CEO tool is designed to help clarify how your time is spent and begin thinking strategically.

Irritating Problems


A majority of irritating problems and frustrations experienced in business are often blamed on employees, when in reality they are caused by a missing or broken system. The Irritating Problems tool is designed to help you find the root cause of your most pressing issues.

Personal Success


Business owners work so hard in their business that they often forget why they went into business in the first place. It is our philosophy that your business should serve your life instead of consuming your life. The Personal Success tool helps you define what success means to provide clarity of what you want from your busin

Ideal Business Vision


Without a clear destination in mind for your business it becomes easier to feel as if your stuck spinning your wheels, and easier to get distracted by shiny objects. The Ideal Business Vision tool helps you define a vision of what your business will look like in a few years, and make sure your vision is in alignment with your purpose and core values.

Master Systems Blueprint


A business is one large system made up of many smaller systems. These systems are how you get things done in in a predictable and consistent manner. Systems lead to freedom for the business owner. The Master Systems Blueprint tool is designed to help you identify and prioritize the most important systems your business needs.

Organization Chart


The organization chart is designed to help you structure your business so all of your work can be assigned to positions who will then be held accountable for doing the work. The Organization Chart tool provides clarity to employees about their position and responsibilities.

Employee Work Agreement


When employees are hired they are usually shown their job description and are told what they are responsible for. It is rare, however, that they are ever told how success in their position is defined. The Employee Work Agreement tool helps to clearly explains expectations and define acceptable standards.

Reference Manual


Every business needs their own set of reference manuals for how things are done in their business. If there is no approved source to reference people will make things up on their own leading to chaos and dysfunction. All of the systems created in your business has to be documented into a reference manual. The Reference Manual tool provides a method for doing so.

System Design Template


Although many business think of a system as nothing more than a checklist for the order of how work is to be done, there are many other considerations when designing a system. The System Design tool provides a framework for building systems for your business.

Vital Signs


In order to manage and make changes in business everything must be measured. Like the vital signs of the human body, your business has vital signs that need to be measured on a regular basis. The Vital Signs tool helps you define the most important vital signs for your business.

Business Rollout


Making companywide change throughout your business affects everyone in your organization. Sharing the news with employees about the changes you’re making should be done so in an organized and careful manner. The Business Rollout tools helps you plan your business rollout in advance.

Weekly Check-In Meeting Agenda


Weekly check in meetings provide a way to support employees on a consistent basis and establish your company culture as one that really cares and supports its employees. The weekly meeting agenda tool fosters clear communication, prevents misunderstandings, saves time, and cuts down on interruptions.

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